Miscellaneous Strategies

By Cherub Alex
August 17, 2006

Basic Tactics and Strategies – by storm legion

This article is perfect for beginner to intermediate level players. The article explains unit tatctics and other basic tactics and strategies for each of the civilizations in a very organized thread.

How to Stop a Rush! – by Bridger

This is a very in-depth guide on rushing. This guide teaches you how to spot a rush and what to do about a rush. It is a must-read for all players!

Official RoL Tips and Tricks – by Cherub Alex

This article lists all of the Tips and Tricks for Rise of Legends including tips on each civilization, resource tips, and general tips. Be sure to check it out!

A Study of Healing in RoL – by Bridger

This is an excellent guide on healing. The guide walks you through and explains healing tatctics with each civilization, especially the Cuotl and their Holy Arks.

Full Taunt List – by muMbLeWeED

So, it’s not really a strategy, but this is a very handy article. The article lists out all of the taunts you can use during Rise of Legends.

Cheat Codes – by BHG

Rise of Legends Cheat Codes.